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Post  Klutz on Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:35 am

I guess I made this list to help people with map editing but it can be used for all client editing needs. This is a detailed list of the gfx folders contents:

gfx001 = Intro gfx/buttons.

gfx002 = Gui

gfx003 = Tiles

gfx004 = Objects

gfx005 = Ontop roof gfx/ some blended tile & objects/ some other random crap

gfx006 = Walls south/east

gfx007 = Ontop tiles

gfx008 = Character Skins

gfx009 = Male Hair set

gfx010 = Female Hair set

gfx011 = Male Boot set

gfx012 = Female Boot set [identical to the above set]

gfx013 = Male Armor set

gfx014 = Female Armor set

gfx015 = Male Hat set

gfx016 = Female Hat set [identical to the above set]

gfx017 = Male Weapon set

gfx018 = Female Weapon set [indentical to the above set]

gfx019 = Male Shield set

gfx020 = Female Shield set [identical to the above set]

gfx021 = NPC/Sprites set

gfx022 = Mask/shadow tiles

gfx023 = Icon/Inventory sets

gfx024 = Spell set

gfx025 = Spell Icons set

GFX 3-7 and 22 are for map tiles/objects.


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